One Day Fly-In Fishing

Savor the pristine beauty of the Canadian wilderness. A wilderness, accessible only by air. A place where you can lose yourself in peace and tranquility. A setting like no other; where you can feel content to sit on the still of the evening and listen to the cry of the loons. As twilight changes the landscape to shades of red, and as the sun sets in the horizon, you will be thankful that in a few short hours this incredible day will repeat.

Fishing our remote Canadian lakes will often produce fishing stories that even your closest friends will doubt. Trophy Walleye, Northern, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie and Lake Trout are common. We are always asked, “When is the best time of the year for fishing?” The answer is, anytime from opening weekend in May to the end of September. The fishing is always good in our remote outpost lakes, however, fishing techniques may vary with time of year. When planning a trip with your family, you may find that July and August are the most suitable months because of the weather and the water temperature for swimming.

Weight Limits Each Person is allowed 100 pounds, no exceptions. This includes your personal gear, groceries, and beverages. An extra flight may be arranged to haul in overloads for an additional fee. Also available to our guests is the opportunity to fly your beverages in ahead of time. Contact us for pricing and a suggested packing list.

Local Services We would recommend that you arrive the night before your departure and stay in Nestor Falls. If you will be needing reservations for the night before, be sure to contact us well in advance. We have 2 beautiful cabins overlooking Lake of the Woods. Close by are many fine restaurants, a full service grocery and liquor store. There are Bait and Tackle shops just minutes from our base.

Boating Regulations New boating regulations passed by the Ontario Government now makes it mandatory for all persons in a boat to have an approved life jacket from your place of origin.

Fishing in Ontario

Additional to our Outpost operation we also offer day fishing on some of the local lakes. This is an experience you will never forget. You will be dropped off in the morning and will have the opportunity to fish for Walleye, Northern, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie and Lake Trout until late afternoon when the plane will return to pick you up. Our package includes airfare, boat, motor and gas.

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